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Travis Training Center

Owned by LA Karat partnership

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Dan & Suzanne Acevedo

Dan, Suzanne, and daughter Alexis and Katie Acevedo
Acevedo Arabians
Blackfoot, Idaho


Dan is a attorney and also a owner of a commercial construction company. Suzanne manages the horse farm and family.


Both Dan and Suzanne’s grandparents were cattle ranchers in Utah and Wyoming.  Both received Quarter horses to ride and show while they growing up.  Suzanne showed in local 4-H shows and state fairs while Dan would help his grandfather on his ranch in Wyoming neither had any experience with Arabians; Dan’s grandfather would always tell him that an Arabian was the best horse to ride while Suzanne’s grandparents were into some of the best bred Quarter Horses in Utah and Idaho.  “I read every Black Stallion book that was written so a Arabian was always in my mind but my family always told me they difficult,”  says Suzanne, “So I stayed with Quarter Horses until a local breeder asked me to show his Arabian gelding…there was no going back I was hooked on this amazing breed.”  “Our family’s life has been deeply blessed with the Arabian horse and all of the wonderful friends we have made in the Arabian world.  Our daughters know other kids from across the country and around the world because of this lifestyle they will be lifelong Arabian owners and that is what we should strive for. 


We have known Travis and Stephanie for many years and have greatly enjoyed our relationship with their family.  *Karat entered our lives when I received a phone call from Travis last fall about a colt that he and Stephanie had discovered in Italy and that they would love to have us involved in a partnership on *Karat.  Travis then asked if we help manage the colt since Dan could take care of all of the Legal aspects of the partnership and Suzanne could help with the day to day management with Travis.  We were more then excited we were thrilled and it has been incredible.  *Karat is important to us as breeders to bring a new look to our mares which consist of several national winners.  We plan on creating an Arabian that will be extremely beautiful and animated.  It is a great opportunity to be on the ground floor with a stallion of this caliber and to be involved with a great partnership that is based on enjoyment of this great horse.


Some our greatest experiences have been showing as a family and being very successful, we have several US and Canadian national champions in halter as well as Scottsdale and Las Vegas.  We also show in several performance division and have been successful in the AOTR and JOTR divisions. 


We are excited to part of this partnership and truly love the Arabian horse and all of the people that we have been able to meet in this industry.  Our  lives have evolved around the Arabian horse and would love to share our farm and horses with anyone that would love to come and visit us in Idaho.